Ethereum Insider To Expose ETH Founders’ Fraud In Weeks

Ethereum Insider ETH Founders


Ethereum insider, Steven Nerayoff has vowed to expose alleged fraud schemes which he claims are operating within the Ethereum network. As a result, the crypto community is keeping a close watch and Neyaroff has promised to reveal proof of his accusations in the coming weeks. 

Unmasking The “Truth”

Former Ethereum Advisor, Steven Nerayoff has announced his intentions to unveil evidence regarding the recent allegations he made against Ethereum Founders, Vitalik Buterin and Joseph Lubin in a few weeks.

Nerayoff stated that his legal team is working towards ensuring all information regarding the fraud claims is published properly. He said that he had developed a platform that would allow him to release all evidence without being censored. 

“We are making a lot of progress. Information should start flowing within weeks not months. My intent is to make everything I can public. Each can decide for themself. I created another platform that can’t be censored so I’ll publish here and there,” Nerayoff stated

Nerayoff first hinted at possible fraudulent activities at Ethereum in an X (formerly Twitter) post following news of FTX founder, Sam Bankman-Fried being convicted of fraud and conspiracy. 

He alleged that the founders of the blockchain network have been directly involved with corrupt United States government officials and has vowed to expose the individuals involved, providing proof of his accusations to the public through legal and social channels.

“I believe these corrupt government officials will be unmasked and what we all know the public will learn,” Nerayoff stated.

While many individuals in the crypto community are looking forward to the evidence Nerayoff has announced will be disclosed in a few weeks, many community members remain skeptical, wondering if the former Ethereum Advisor has been acting out of spite or looking to gain online popularity through his claims. 

One crypto user had asked if Nerayoff’s case existed and why he had not filed it yet. Nerayoff’s Attorney, Michael Scotto responded “Yes, Steven Nerayoff has a case. IT EXISTS. We will be releasing all his filings in the near future. Although I won’t go into details I will say everything he has said is true and he has the receipts to prove it.”

Nerayoff has also called out people who have relayed their doubts about his claims, stating that his court filings are under the control of his legal team and would not be published on X for legal reasons.

“For those saying you haven’t seen anything from me yet you’re either trolling or blind. Plus you didn’t read my court filings. Next court filings are in the hands of my legal team, not X,” Nerayoff stated. 

Ethereum Insider Fearless Stand

In a rather lengthy X post, Nerayoff outlined all his reasons for stating his fraud accusations against Ethereum Founders, Vitalik Buterin and Joseph Lubin. The former Ethereum Advisor stated that he was not making the fraud claims for his own benefit, rather his speaking out had a counterproductive result by making him a target and potentially endangering him. 

“None of this disclosure in any way benefits me!! It only makes me a target & hated by a lot of people (until they realize I was trying to save them). But I don’t even care about being a target, I’m numb & determined nothing will stop me,” Nerayoff stated. 

Nerayoff has disclosed that he would continue his pursuit to expose Ethereum and its founders, and he would not be deterred until he accomplishes his goal and justice is achieved. 

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