Radiant Capital’s Earnings Exploding, Time To Load The RDNT Bag?

Radiant Capital earnings RDNT


Radiant Capital, a lending and borrowing protocol for users to borrow various assets across multiple chains, is rapidly closing in on Aave, looking at earnings data over the past six months.

Radiant Capital Earnings Rising: What’s The Trigger?

According to Token Terminal statistics on November 8 shared by one user on X, @Flowslikeosmo, Radiant Capital generated $5.8 million in revenue despite a relatively lower level of liquidity than Aave. @Flowslikeosmo, who claims to be a crypto researcher, said Radiant Capital’s earnings will likely explode in the upcoming sessions, especially once the 2.8 million ARB begins to be deployed.

Radiant Capital earnings | Source: Token Terminal via @Flowslikeosmo on X
Radiant Capital earnings | Source: Token Terminal via @Flowslikeosmo on X

Radiant Capital is a popular cross-chain decentralized money market through which users, regardless of their choice blockchain, can either lend their assets and earn passive income or borrow assets trustlessly. This way, the decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol has opened up liquidity and boosted access to multiple blockchains.

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To perform effectively, the protocol relies on LayerZero, which enables trustless and decentralized communication between blockchains using Oracle Relays, allowing platforms to be more interconnected and ledgers to be more interoperable. As Radiant Capital offers services, the DeFi protocol generates earnings or revenue primarily from fees. 

The platform charges a protocol fee on all transactions. Earnings from this allow the team to be operational while allowing the protocol to generate revenue.

However, it should be noted only 15% of this fee is used to cover operational expenditure, with the rest redistributed to users as yield. Besides, there are fees billed to users taking flash loans. The protocol rewards providers with RDNT to incentivize liquidity provision, depending on the amount provided and the duration locked.

ARB Airdrop, Will RNDT Rally To New 2023 Highs?

Earnings generated depend on the activity level, directly influencing protocol fees accrued and the number of users taking flash loans. Following Radiant Capital’s recent announcement that it plans to airdrop 2 million ARB following the Arbitrum DAO‘s approval of a proposal first floated in late September, activity could skyrocket in the coming months, boosting earnings.

Moreover, the protocol’s liquidity is expected to increase with this approval. The ARB airdrop will be used to incentivize liquidity provision. Additionally, Radiant Capital will strike more partnerships, allowing it to expand to other chains, including Ethereum and Arbitrum.

Radiant Capital price trending upward on the daily chart | Source: RDNTUSDT on Binance, TradingView
Radiant Capital price trending upward on the daily chart | Source: RDNTUSDT on Binance, TradingView

According to Dune Analytics data, the number of RDNT holders continues to rise, mirroring its general price performance. Thus far, RDNT is up 40% from October lows. The immediate resistance level at $0.33 must be broken for the coin to rally, even registering new 2023 highs.

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