Billionaire Tim Draper Predicts When The Bitcoin Price Will Reach $250,000



Billionaire Tim Draper has predicted a new all-time high for Bitcoin, foreseeing a staggering $250,000 rise for the cryptocurrency in 2024. 

Bitcoin To Reach $250,000

In a recent exclusive interview with Coin Bureau, a crypto informational portal, American venture capital investor, Tim Draper and Co-founder and CEO of Real Vision, Raoul Paul shared compelling insights on the outlook of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the space.

During the engaging conversation, Draper expressed highly bullish sentiments regarding Bitcoin’s future trajectory. When asked about his thoughts on Bitcoin’s price prediction, Draper confidently stated that BTC is poised to reach $250,000 soon. He hinted at the possibility of that surge happening in 2024, due to the present bullish trend on Bitcoin and several other cryptocurrencies.

Draper, known for his success in Bitcoin investments also revisited a past Bitcoin projection he made. He stated that he had foreseen Bitcoin reaching $10,000 in three years and true to his foresight, the cryptocurrency achieved the milestone. 

“I would say that my number $250,000 will probably come pretty soon, so I’ll stick with $250,000. I think that if it hits $250,000, it’ll go way past it,” Draper stated. 

While addressing his $250,000 BTC forecast, Draper also mentioned a prior prediction where he anticipated the price of Bitcoin reaching $250,000 when its value was at $4,000. Despite the non-fulfillment of this particular prediction, Draper hinted at the possibility that the United States’ archaic approach towards cryptocurrencies may be stifling innovation and growth. 

“When I predicted that, what I didn’t expect was how fearful and just old thinking the US would be. I think with a receptive US, we would be having conversations like the ones I have with the people from El Salvador,” Draper stated. 

Presently, El Salvador is one of the few countries that has accepted Bitcoin as a legal tender. The country became the first to make Bitcoin a legal tender in September 2021, allowing its citizens to utilize BTC as a legal form of payment.

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Draper Unveils Stablecoins Crucial Role In Shaping BTC

During the interview, Draper highlighted the role of stablecoins in the crypto space. The billionaire asserted that stablecoins could serve as a valuable support mechanism for BTC due to its price stability and seamless portability.

“The role of stablecoins, I think, will be a bridge to bitcoin. I think the way stablecoins will operate, they will be viable as long as the dollar is viable, and then when there’s a run on the dollar, people will move to Bitcoin,” Draper stated. 

The billionaire also expressed a particular interest in smart contracts, highlighting its diverse use cases. He discussed the transformative impacts Bitcoin could bring into the financial sector through smart contracts. 

Draper stated:

I’m a big fan of smart contracts. I can’t wait for the moment when I can raise all my investor money in Bitcoin, invest it all in Bitcoin, have them all pay their employees and suppliers and their taxes and everything else [in Bitcoin], and have it all be completely accounted for, audited, without an accountant, an auditor, a bookkeeper, a transfer agent, or a tax lawyer. This new economy will have far less friction. I think that’s very exciting.”

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