Mt Gox Starts Verifying Addresses For 200,000 BTC In Payouts



Defunct Japanese-based cryptocurrency exchange, Mt. Gox has taken the next steps toward its Bitcoin distribution process to customers who were previously affected by its 2014 hack attack. The crypto exchange has delivered mass emails to account holders as they confirm wallet addresses for individuals eligible for its repayment process. 

Mt. Gox Prepares For Bitcoin Repayments

Recently, Account holders at Mt. Gox reported in a Reddit post that they have been receiving new emails from the crypto exchange regarding an identity verification and confirmation procedure initiated by the exchange. 

Mt. Gox disclosed that it has begun confirming wallet addresses from users who had officially owned accounts at the crypto exchange and had successfully completed their identity verification processes. The crypto exchange also revealed that it would be distributing Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as part of its repayment process to account holders, with the payout ranging from 142,000 BTC to 200,000 BTC. 

Furthermore, Mt. Gox disclosed that the rehabilitation trustee has shared customer details with the custodian to facilitate the account verification process. The crypto exchange warned that customers with disabled or frozen accounts may not be eligible for the fund distribution program. 

In September 2023, Mt. Gox declared an extension of its repayment deadline from October 2023 to October 31, 2024, attributing the decision to the need for further discussions to ensure proper disbursement of funds. During December 2023, the crypto exchange encountered a slight hiccup in its payment distribution process after it announced it had unintentionally issued double payments to specific users. 

Following the error, Mt Gox urgently requested these users to return the excess funds, warning of potential legal consequences and the possibility of being excluded from the reimbursement plan scheduled later this year. 

This year marks nearly a decade since Mt. Gox suffered a hack attack resulting in the loss of a substantial 850,000 Bitcoin. Recent developments in the repayment process bring hope to former customers of the crypto exchange who were adversely affected by the cyber theft. 

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BTC Faces $20,000 Crash If Mt. Gox Customers Commence Bitcoin Sell-Off

About 200,000 BTC presently worth over $7.7 billion, is expected to spread through multiple wallet addresses owned by Mt.Gox creditors. This raises concerns about the potential impact this Bitcoin distribution could have on the crypto market. 

Presently, Mt. Gox’s 200,000 BTC repayment amount surpasses the total value of Microstrategy and El Salvador’s Bitcoin holdings, which are among the largest in the world. 

With Bitcoin currently at $39,909, if Mt.Gox account holders receive their reimbursements and attempt a sell-off to take their profits, which have grown by a substantial 99,900%, the price of Bitcoin may dip below $20,000. This would be a monumental crash for the pioneer cryptocurrency, bringing prices back to half of their present market value. 

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