NEAR Skyrockets 30% – Investors Intrigued By These Metrics



NEAR has consistently followed the market trend since the start of the year. The latest market data shows the token is up nearly 30% bi-weekly. This is evidence that investors are still hyped by the recent growth featured within the broader market and the recent developments on the NEAR Protocol. 

Account Aggregation: What’s The Gist? 

NEAR is continuing its mission to be the one-all-be-all for entry-level and professional entities within Web 3. Account aggregation, or the consolidation of Web 3 and crypto accounts into one NEAR account, is their current focus. 

Account aggregation is, according to their most recent blog post, a “critical pillar of advancing Chain Abstraction.” 

It essentially groups every single account you have across the crypto world into a single access point: your NEAR Protocol account. The technology is still in development, but it seems to incite excitement in investors.

If NEAR can implement this innovation seamlessly within its ecosystem and beyond, it will cement itself to be a true innovator within the DeFi and Web 3 space. 

NEARUSD currently trading at $3.529 on the daily chart:

According to a recent development overview done by Reflexivity Research, NEAR’s position allows it to be the bridge of all bridges within the crypto space.

In simple terms, NEAR’s recent development can unite the fragmented Web 3 space, onboarding new users and bringing new growth to the crypto world. 

NEAR Approaching A Possible Ceiling

In its current situation, NEAR is following Bitcoin very closely in its price changes. Investors should then be careful of possible pitfalls within Bitcoin’s bullish market that may affect NEAR’s ability to climb. 

If bearishness does take over the market, investors can rely on the $2.8 price level to slow down any bearish attempt in the short to medium term. However, investors and traders should try and consolidate on this line if NEAR follows any downward pressure from the broader market. 

Featured image from Adobe Stock, chart from TradingView

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