This startup is bioengineering tissue into human vein implants


Norwegian startup ClexBio is bioengineering human veins to implant inside a patient’s body.

Together with CSEM, a Swiss R&D centre, the company has built a prototype bioreactor to grow the veins.

Pre-clinical tests in animal models are already underway. Based on the early results, the team is confident that the implants don’t trigger an immune response in patients. Instead, they turn into functional tissue that integrates with the body.

If further tests prove successful, the implants could treat severe chronic venous insufficiency, a painful condition caused when veins have problems moving blood to the heart.

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But veins are just the start of the company’s ambitions. ClexBio envisions bioengineering producing various medical treatments.

“In the future, we believe tissue therapeutic solutions will provide a cure for many of the chronic conditions that are debilitating for our society today,” Armend Håti, the startup’s CEO and co-founder, told TNW.

Bioengineering body parts

A series of bioreactors for bioengineering vein grafts, developed by CSEM and ClexBio