Google will soon roll out on-device AI-powered features on Pixel 8

Google will soon roll out on-device AI-powered features on Pixel 8


Google announced today that it will soon roll out on-device AI-powered features such as recording summaries and smart replies on the Pixel 8. These features will be based on Gemini Nano, a small-sized model Google released last year, primed to run on devices.

The company said that Summerizer in Recorder and Smart Reply in Gboard will be released as a developer preview in the next Pixel feature drop. The company announced these features last October during the Pixel 8 launch. Until now, Gemini Nano-powered features were only available on the Pixel 8 Pro and and the Galaxy S24.

“Running large language models on phones with different memory specs can deliver different user experiences, so we have been testing and validating this on Pixel 8. We’re excited to provide the opportunity for more enthusiasts and developers to try out Gemini Nano, where we hope to get more feedback and see more innovation,” the company said.

Until now, Google has primarily worked on AI-powered features that relies on cloud, even if they are targeted towards mobile devices.

In January, Google introduced “Circle to Search” for select Pixel and Samsung Devices. The company announced this week that more Pixel and Sasmung phones along with select tablets will get Circle to Search feature. The feature itself will get an update with support for instant translation of the content that’s on the screen.


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